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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategies: Using
Measurement to Support Your Black Employees

SIOP White Paper Series

A cataclysmic shift occurred in the United States that has strongly underscored the need for change within organizations in addition to society at large. The murder of George Floyd and subsequent reactions became a resounding call to action for organizations to re-examine their positions on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), especially with regard to the Black community. The historical events that occurred in the year of 2020 served to embolden the rapidly growing social justice movement, thus, leading to a cultural landscape in which organizations were no longer permitted to ignore or dismiss their shortcomings with regard to workforce inclusivity. Boykin et al. (2020) echoed this sentiment, among others, calling for increased knowledge, awareness, and accountability from all parties to help fight racism. Many organizations decided to begin the process of transitioning their workplace “cultures of inclusivity” from those that were largely performative in nature to more actively diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures. The “check-the-box” initiatives are now being challenged. In this paper we will identify and discuss the importance of implementing a well-structured DEI plan and how organizations can create a sustainable and truly inclusive culture as a result.

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